Why Monzetta?

Monza is the city located in north of Italy where Elettricars was born.
ONE word tells all: Made in Monza (“etta” = little)

Comfort, Control and Convenience

Relax and enjoy a sustainable mobility experience in a uniquely sculpted design that evokes style, performance and fun. Monzetta embodies Italian style, automotive grade reliability, performance, comfort, control and convenience.


  • Resorts
  • Airports
  • Golf Courses
  • Neighborhoods
  • College Campuses
  • Company/County/State/Federal Governmental Fleets

Color Options

Key Specifications

Range: 65 miles (option 1), 130 miles (option 2)
Battery Pack: Li-Po (NMC)
Battery Capacity: 5.5 kwh – 10 kwh
Charging Time: 2 – 4 hrs
Max Speed: 25 mph
Length: 7.4 ft. (2265 mm)
Height: 5.5 ft. (1685 mm)
Width: 4.1 ft. (1250 mm)
Overall Width: 4.9 ft. (1510 mm)

Italian Design. Automotive Expertise. Relentless Passion.

Elettricars was born in Monza and was founded by the Abrami Family, owners of Car Studio. This internationally acclaimed engineering and design company, headquartered in Italy, with over thirty years of automotive know-how, has excelled in prestigious Italian design, quality and innovation. The main U.S. office is in Metro Detroit with other offices Chicago and San Diego.

Embrace the future of sustainable mobility.